Peter likes being creative and discovering new ways of doing things in science. That’s why he studied engineering and applied physics at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. Like most college graduates, his scholarships and work study didn’t cover all of his costs so he took out a student loan.

But confusion with his loan and a few missed payments ruined his credit score and he needed help.

“The FAIR Financial Solution interested me because it was transparent. With the majority of financial products and services, there’s a lot of small print. That’s not the case with FAIR. I knew exactly what was involved with the credit builder tool, checking, and savings accounts. For example, I found it very helpful that I could not overdraft with FAIR, which saves me from paying the expensive overdraft fees.

FAIR has given me the opportunity to think differently about savings. I’ve been able to save more than $500 in my FAIR savings account, which I’m using to save for a down payment on a reliable car once my credit score improves.

Since using FAIR, my credit score has improved. As a result of my improving credit score, I am more confident than ever before about purchasing a car and eventually a house.

One of the most important aspects about the FAIR Financial Solution for me was trust in Prepare + Prosper. Since I’ve had problems with financial institutions in the past, I knew I could rely on Prepare + Prosper because I trusted them to file my taxes and in their financial coaching program. Moreover, I’ve started to give back to them by becoming a volunteer as a tax preparer.

The FAIR Financial Solution has given me a new sense of freedom and confidence. I’m no longer tied down to a bad credit score or overdraft fees. I can manage my money and begin on the road to a better financial future.”